Step 1: Start the Discussion

The Senex Group’s (i)Solution gives you the tools you need to:

  • Help clients and their employees prepare for retirement.
  • Show your clients how to increase their wealth and in most cases lower their taxes.
  • Demonstrate the role of life insurance in protecting the wealth creation cycle.
  • Identify the ideal candidates for this strategy.

From comprehensive and tailored presentations, to one-on-one support from our team at The Senex Group, our process is designed to help generate client interest and communicate client retirement benefits.

Step 2: Gather Information

No two businesses are alike. That’s why once your client is engaged, we start with taking the time to understand their company and financial goals.

  • How prepared is the client for retirement?
  • How can a Qualified Retirement Plan help reduce taxes and build extra income?
  • Is insurance beneficial to the client’s overall plan?
  • How do they want to help their employees prepare for retirement?

Based on what we learn, we work with you, your client, and their team of advisors to develop objectives and create a retirement plan that is responsive to their unique situation.

Step 3: Review and Analyze Client Needs

As with any financial planning process, designing a Qualified Retirement Plan to address your client’s needs requires detailed review and analysis, including:

  • Reviewing current funding
  • Working in concert with the client’s complete advisory team (wealth manager, CPA, estate attorney, and more)
  • Discussing special circumstances and priorities (liquidity, time horizon, current income, goals) with the client

This comprehensive review and analysis will drive our retirement plan recommendations.

Step 4: Illustrate the Retirement Plan

Once a retirement plan has been designed to address the client’s specific needs, we help demonstrate the plan and present it to the client for review. A Senex team member is available to respond to client questions and provide additional detail and explanation as needed throughout the process.

Step 5: Implement the Retirement Plan

When the retirement plan design is approved by your client, our experienced team provides implementation support for the client, including helping to select a Third-Party Administrator (TPA) using our industry knowledge and trusted relationships to help determine the most appropriate firm to suit the needs of the client.

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