Retirement plan design and implementation is complex. From navigating the regulatory requirements and responsibilities of each plan, to understanding the nuances that make an approach optimal for one client yet inappropriate for another, your decision to add Qualified Retirement Plans to your offerings can feel daunting.

Let us help you help your client.

At The Senex Group, we've been designing and implementing retirement plans for more than three decades.
Our strengths include:

Pension Law

Understand how plan-related laws have changed over the years and how these changes impact retirement plan design in each client’s case.

Unique Structuring

Know how to leverage current regulations to deliver a retirement plan that’s structured to address your client’s retirement needs.

Multiple Options

Offer access to a wide array of retirement products and solutions to allow your clients to make the best decision.
Our longstanding and trusted relationships with providers of qualified plans, executive benefit plans, and insurance products give us access to a wide range of options, as well as a thorough understanding of how to apply those options appropriately in each client scenario.

Contact us today to learn how our team’s education, experience, and credentials come together to make it easier than ever for you to deliver sophisticated retirement plans — without a long learning curve.

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