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Frequently Asked Questions

Is a Pension Plan Right For You?

Frequently asked questions about benefits, tax-reduction benefits, plan limits, asset protection, and more.

The (I)Solution— A New Wealth Creation Strategy

This detailed presentation introduces the many benefits of pension plans that utilize life insurance as a component, including sample illustrations of after-tax benefits, sample rates of returns when life insurance is used to create tax-free cash flow, plan comparisons, and case studies.

Retirement Plan Feasibility Study

This customized study is used to illustrate the specific benefits of a pension plan based on actual client data.

What Is Compensation?

Clearly outlines what constitutes “compensation” within a Qualified Retirement Plan within various types of organizations (C-Corp, LLC, S-Corp, Partnerships, LLPs, Sole Proprietorships, etc.).

Contribution Limitations In Professional Organizations

Discusses contribution limitations for businesses, including cross-testing, minimum and maximum contribution calculations, and specific eligibility requirements for Defined Benefit Plans.

Controlled Groups And Affiliated Service Groups

Walks through these two concepts and the specific issues related to ownership interests when establishing a Qualified Retirement Plan.

The Pension Insurance Strategy

A high-level explanation of how life insurance can be utilized within a Qualified Retirement Plan to provide a pre-retirement death benefit, including a self-completion feature to guarantee a substantial benefit to the participant’s beneficiary.

Defined Benefit Plans: The "Carve Out" Concept

Introduces the plan design feature that allows a company to set specific plan qualifications to include and exclude certain sets of employees.

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